Chhavi Sharma

Chhavi Sharma is a name to reckon with today. She is one of the finest Vastu Shastra expert today in the country. With her commendable foresight she offers personalised solutions and has helped many of her clients in sailing smooth through troubled times. Her USP is her knowledge and understanding of the Vastu Shastra, a legacy she was gifted by her late grandfather Pandit Kedarnath Misra – a learned Astropalmist and Vastu Shastra expert.

Born in a reputed Brahmin family Chhavi grew up acknowledging the miraculous results of astrology. Her grandfather was a very learned astrologer. His research, vision and work in palmistry are remarkable and his contribution to the field is acknowledged by many learned astrologers. He had predicted Chhavi to be a doctor, as per him ‘she was born to treat’.

While attending regular school, Chhavi saw the marvels of science and how it was helping mankind. Interesting, she also witnessed how her grandfather sorted problems of many of his believers by offering astro-palmistry and Vastu advice. She would regale seeing happy faces that left home after seeking advice from her grandfather.

Caught between two paradoxes, Chhavi began having healthy discussion with her grandfather and started learning the science of Vastu Shastra.

It was in the years 2000 when she lost her grandfather and as a tribute to him she picked up Vastu Shastra as a profession. And yes her grandfather Pt Kedarnath Misra’s prediction has been proved absolutely right, as Chhavi treats the troubled with her Vastu remedies.

With her prime expertise in Vastu Shastra Mrs Chhavi D Sharma has helped a large number of individuals as well as corporate executives. She is also a consultant to many well-known Bollywood celebrities.

She is well-known for her pioneering work in bringing Vastu Shastra to a much dignified status even among the rationalists.


Chhavi Sharma keeps contributing her thoughts and suggestions to few well-known media houses including Aaj Tak, Radio City, the Times of India, Navbharat Times, Bombay Times, Delhi Times, Bangalore Times, Maharastra Times and Femina.

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My Approach

If you want your home, office or manufacturing unit to spell success, connect with me and I shall be more than happy to help.

You may have the finest of drawings, most expensive architecture with costliest furniture and fixtures in your luxurious home or office. But if you have not placed them in right direction, then it might just be a mere piece blocking or distracting flow of positive energy.

A proper and detailed Vastu guidance can spell wonders. This is what I strive for when clients approach me with their problems. I work on building the secret ingredients for your premises. To ensure that right analysis is done, I visit the site personally and don’t send my assistants. As an expert, I know where to look for and what to look for. Therefore, I offer personalised guidance and services to all my clients.

I strongly feel that Vastu Shastra is a science of architect and art of application. Each space can be turned lucky by placement of right object. As an expert with my foresight and eye for detail, I offer solutions that remove negative energy and make way for positive vibration. My aim is to make sure that your premise makes you happy, healthy and wealthy for eternity.

I am a woman with a mission. My only focus is to fulfil Pt Kedar Nath Mishra’s dream of helping the mankind, by enhancing their health, happiness, harmony and overall prosperity.