About Vastu

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and art of placement. - Chhavi Sharma

The syllabus of Architecture all over the world comprises of ‘Climatology’, and climatology is one of the most important factors in Study Of Vaastu Shastra.
Vastu-Shastra focuses on harmonising the residential and commercial structures with people staying or working there. Enhancing the positive energy in the vicinity, Vastu works towards nullifying the bad vibes.


  • Complete Vastu Consultation
    • Visit
    • Vastu Analysis Of The Premises
    • Soil Analysis
    • Treatments
  • Online Advice
  • Free Services
    • Cancer Patients
    • Oncology Institutes
    • Free Vastu Workshops For All
  • Targeted Vastu
    (Vastu Advice To Solve particular issues)
    • Marriage
    • Finance
    • Education
    • Health
    • Legal Matters
    • Immigration
    • Mental Health

What all matters -

  • Directions
  • Quality of Soil
  • Slope of plot/floor
  • Orientation of driveway
  • External Surroundings
  • Thickness of Walls
  • Number of Doors and Windows
  • Position of Doors and Windows
  • Location of water bodies
  • Location Of staircase
  • Planning of Rooms
  • Placement of Mirrors/Clocks/Pictures etc
  • Interior Designing

And many other details comprising five elements and personal Astro requirements.